Partial Least Squares (PLS) Methodology for Analysis: a Primer

Michael Curry (email) DBA, MBS.

Wed 18th December 13:30 – 14:30 MBSWest 3.74

 Click here to download the slides and here to download the audio 

This how-to workshop will present an overview of partial least squares (PLS) path modelling using the SmartPLS software package.

PLS enjoys growing popularity as a data analysis methodology in academic research, and new software packages such as SmartPLS, make this method easier to learn and adopt. PLS is a variance-based structured equation modelling (SEM) approach well-suited to exploratory analysis. Unlike covariance SEM (e.g. LISREL, EQS, COSAN, AMOS & SEPATH), PLS avoids the problem of indeterminate solutions by using an iterative estimation approach. It also has the ability to work with non-normal data, small data sets, and, is well suited to developing large complex models. After this workshop, attendees will better understand PLS analysis, receive an overview of its use, and obtain a list of resources to begin to use this approach themselves.